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Our Recipes & Reads series features a delicious recipe that ties into one of our great book recommendations. So if you love reading and you love eating, you've come to the right place!

Recipes & Reads: Delicious recipe paired with a book recommendation

Entanglement: A Hollywood Lights Novel, by Katie Rose Guest Pryal, is set in sunny L.A., where Greta and Daphne enjoy nights on the town and love a good steak and potatoes. But the two young women enjoy light, fresh cuisine as well. So sit down with this intriguing novel and have a serving of this flavorful and crunchy salad that will put you in a California state of mind.

Honey Soy Sauce Chicken Salad
from Didier Quémener, chef and author of Chef Q in Paris: The Fall Collection

Honey Soy Sauce Chicken Salad Recipe from Chef Q in Paris, Didier Quémener

Servings: 2


4 chicken strips
5 oz. mixed greens
5 oz. cherry tomatoes
1 apple
½ small fennel bulb
1 handful walnuts
1 tbs sesame seeds
1 tsp honey
1 tsp soy sauce
2 tbs olive oil
1 tbs balsamic vinegar
1 tsp mustard with seeds
Salt, pepper & cayenne pepper to taste


1. Halve cherry tomatoes, peel apple and cut into small cubes, slice fennel. Set aside.
2. Prepare the dressing: Combine mustard, vinegar, salt and pepper, then add olive oil. Mix well.
3. In a hot frying pan, sauté chicken strips with a little olive oil over medium heat until they begin to brown.
4. Remove from heat; add honey and soy sauce, mix well. Place back on burner at medium-low heat.
5. Let simmer until strips are well caramelized. Season to taste with salt and cayenne pepper.
6. In a bowl, combine mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, apple, fennel, walnuts and dressing.
7. Arrange salad on plates, place chicken strips sprinkled with sesame seeds on top and serve immediately.


Recipes & Reads: Honey Soy Sauce Chicken Salad + Entanglement: A Hollywood Lights Novel
Entanglement: A Hollywood Lights Novel
Katie Rose Guest Pryal

1990s Hollywood, two unlikely friends, one dangerous relationship...

Socially awkward 21-year-old Greta moves in with her best friend Daphne, a troubled young woman with an abusive past. The glamorous and charismatic Daphne teaches Greta how to wear stilettos, tame her wild hair, and navigate L.A. nightlife. Daphne is determined to make it big, and she drags an unwilling Greta into the limelight with her.

But Greta prefers spending time with Timmy, her new boss who has become a lot more than that. Daphne, convinced Timmy's not the right man for her friend, will do anything to drive them apart—even if her actions throw Greta into the path of danger.

Can Greta survive? Can she forgive?

The Hollywood Lights Series: 3 Novels by Katie Rose Guest Pryal

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by Adria J. Cimino

Four strangers in Paris, each on a quest: to uncover a family secret, to grasp a new chance at love, to repair mistakes of the past. Their paths cross amid the beauty, squalor, and desolation of the rue des Martyrs. Rafael searches for his birth mother; Cecile seeks a passionate liaison; Andre must make a life-changing choice; Mira travels to Paris to begin a new life and forget about love...



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Here is today's featured deal. Be sure to sign up to receive our emails so you can get ALL the deals!

by Cecilia London

Dissident - Rising Democratic star Caroline won’t love again after losing her husband. Can Republican playboy Jack break through her grief?

Conscience - Caroline faces the biggest challenge of her life when confronted with the cruelty and sadism of her captors at The Fed.

Sojourn - Caroline tries to create a new identity. But that’s hard to do with the ghosts of the past constantly whispering in her ear.



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As soon as you start seeing back-to-school supplies in the stores, you know summer is coming to an end. Back to school, back to work, but hopefully still plenty of time for reading—especially if those books can extend your summer!

We found four that will take you back to that time on vacation, whether you spent your days by the sea or in the countryside.

Walks on the Beach
by Sandy Gingras

An inspirational little keepsake book to remind you of life at the beach, laced with short essays about a woman's self-discovery. We love the uplifting messages and the colorful artwork, and we want to take these walks on the beach over and over all year long.

Ice Cream Social: 100 Artisanal Recipes for Ice Cream, Sherbet, Granita, and Other Frozen Favorites
by Anthony Tassinello and Mary Jo Thoresen

Even if we've left our favorite ice cream shop back at our summer beachy destination, we still can have the best frozen treats. And right at home! We were surprised to see that making ice cream isn't as difficult as we would have imagined. And in this book, we have the perfect guides: The authors both are Chez Panisse veterans. Classics like Maple Walnut and more unusual creations like Champagne-Rose Granita won us over!

Lost Ocean: An Inky Adventure and Coloring Book for Adults
by Johanna Basford

Fish of all shapes and sizes, coral reefs, shells, pirate treasures and shipwrecks: all you need for a delightful and relaxing journey under the sea. We were happy to get out our best colored pencils and set to work on this one, which brought us back to the calm beauty of the ocean.

The Natural World of Winnie-the-Pooh: A Walk Through the Forest that Inspired the Hundred Acre Wood
by Kathryn Aalto

Just call this a "behind-the-scenes" to one of our childhood favorites, Winnie-the-Pooh. In this beautiful book, we adults get to visit the forest that inspired the Hundred Acre Wood, the home of Pooh and his friends. The real place is Ashdown Forest, a wildlife haven in southeast England, and in this book, illustrations, photos, and words from Pooh's creator, A.A. Milne, enchant us. The book also is a guide to the plants and animals of this beautiful forest.

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Here is today's featured deal. Be sure to sign up to receive our emails so you can get ALL the deals!

by Jasmine Walt & Rebecca Hamilton

Detective Brooke Chandler is no stranger to the supernatural, so when her partner and fiancé dies in a mysterious fire, she suspects something otherworldly is at play. Blessed with the ability to see the past by touching inanimate objects, she hopes her talent will help her get to the bottom of things. But how many people will have to die for Brooke to discover the truth about her fiancé?



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Do your neighbors drive you crazy? If not, then you must live on a remote island!

In honor of the release of For Rent, the latest chick lit/cozy mystery from author and former apartment manager Erin Huss, we've rounded up some funny tweets about neighbors and apartment living:

1. There might be a reason your wifi seems to be running slowly.

2. You can bet someone's dog will be barking at any given time.

3. At least they can be entertaining.

4. Somehow they just know.

5. Just a little friendly competition.

6. Should you say something?

7. On second thought, yeah, you might want to say something.

8. Or just move to the best apartment on the block.

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Summer's not over yet! And here's your chance to load up on 10 -- yes 10! -- more summer reads. Ten lucky winners will EACH win the following books:

Love on the Rocks (with Salt)

Letters for Scarlet

Perfect Mishap

Chasing Chaos

For Rent

Nashville by Heart

Bayou My Love

A Perfumer's Secret

The Paris Effect

Confessions of a Paris Potty Trainer

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